Check! Done! Phase 2 is complete! Remember what we looked like 5 months ago?

Sorry, just can’t quite get over the destruction! Last one!

And then we looked like this for FORever!

Hello black tar paper of sadness. Last week we had the wall fixed, and prepped for this weeks job, new floors! Now, I know new floors sound lovely, and we are thrilled to have them, but ohmigosh, did you know you have to basically EMPTY the entire store to put new floors in? Here’s what we did on Saturday night:

It took two budget cube vans and a team of 5 to get us packed up, and the carpet removed. Thanks Whole Show for the organizational help! And then the flooring process started:

After much discussion we went with a eco friendly ‘luxury’ vynal wood flooring type- and if your kid has ever had an accident at our store, trust me when I say yay for easy clean ups!

Our floorer put in a solid 12 hour day (thank you) and we were able to finish ahead of schedule! Which meant we were able to unpack HUNDREDS of boxes, one whole day in advance!

It did seem to take forever! But by 9 pm we had 4 boxes left, so we called it a night!

I think I can easily say the store looks better than it did on October 23, 2013 when it had never even crossed our minds that a car could hit us! And it has definitely been a dramatic change from our last 4 months of tar paper! We are so excited to share it with you all! See you soon!