Well, despite the fact that I maintain that I absolutely despise painting, once again, I have painted another thing. After I had painted the kitchen, the office, the living room, the office, the girls room,the hallway, one wall in our room, the office AGAIN, the rest of the walls in our room, the bathroom, the ensuite, our girls figured it was time to paint their room again, and that this time it should be magenta.


Magenta, in case you were wondering, will take approximately 87,000 coats of paint. Luckily, I had a weekend off, an ambitious plan which included a Saturday afternoon tubing break and a really great playlist which may have included One Track Mind which may be my theme song at the moment.    So I went to one of my favourite shops in town ReVived Vintage, and I bought 6 or 7 4 oz containers of Fat Paint- can’t see me camo was my favourite of the bunch. I have (shockingly) used a few different types of chalk paint, and I can tell you with complete honestly that Fat Paint is the best I’ve used!  I’m so glad Christie is carrying it. Look how much cute these paint pots are! Most of them are still half full!

 We had only one dresser in the girls room. Little P’s underwear was crammed in with every bathing suit we have ever owned in the bottom drawer of the dresser. We should have probably done this 2-3 years ago, but I was tired. Anyways we came across this handsome guy:

 What a beaut! I sanded it down, puttied over the drawer pull holes, and got the paint out. I literally spent probably 20 hours taping and painting and painting and taping. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing, other than spending a lot of time swearing quietly under my breath late at night. It’s a pretty random pattern, but I like the how it’s kinda optical illusion-ish and how the triangles make different patterns. It sort of reminds me of a quilt. The top and sides are white, and I spray painted the legs gold.

Well let me tell you, you cannot have one multicoloured dresser and one plain light pink one. Especially when you share a room. I knew I couldn’t NOT do something multicoloured but I definitely didn’t have another 20 hours to give to a dresser. I thought I was being lazy; I painted her entire dresser the same white as the other one, and then I REALLY went nuts with some very thin tape and then painted the colours over that. I wanted it to look like a kaleidoscope:

After I taped off the shapes I did one last very thin coat of white over the entire drawer fronts and let it dry- this prevented most of the bleeding through, and there were only very minor touch ups once the tape was removed. The chalk paint was layered on the top of the white and left to dry over night, and by Sunday morning both the girls had fabulous new dressers.

The girls room isn’t quite finished yet, we are waiting for a sunny day for some miscellaneous spray painting, and the window area really needs a touch of lime green. We did procure some acrylic boxes for the Calico Critters, and the Schliech and the Magformers and the doll clothes.

  Yes we have a bin full of rubber ducks beside the magformers. Having things organized in to small bins means that the kids are able to manage their messes more effectively. They can get the bits and pieces that they need for their whatever game they are playing, and they can clean it up when they are done.

We are gearing up for spring break and Easter over here on the west coast! We’ve got some exciting things happening at the store and I cannot wait to share them with you!

See you soon!