Oh man I have lots of things to say. We have been having SO much fun lately! We’ve been to the beach like 50 million times this summer already and it’s still April. We snuck out of school early and headed to Newcastle Island on the sailboat. We spent the weekend in Vancouver and I spent a LOT of time thinking about what you actually need to keep a kid occupied away from home.We’ve spent HOURS in the yard, blowing bubbles, swinging, pulling weeds, deer proofing our yard… Did I tell you we started a pea farm? 

Obviously we are keeping our day jobs, and I’ll be keeping my delusions as well😂 oh hey? See that orange bucket in the corner there? That’s the orange bucket that I cannot kill, despite leaving it outside for 5+ years. If you are tired of having to replace your kids sand toys, we’ve just restocked our shovels, buckets and sand sets from Gowi- these things are practically indestructible and made in Austria. 

I spent most of today uploading Tea Collection to our web shop. Don’t forget, clothes ship free Canada wide and there are some pretty awesome pieces that your little love will look adorable in! 

 Is there anything sweeter than little boys in cute graphic tees, and girls all cool and collected in an easy summer dress?  I really love the saturated colours of this release and I’m sure you will too. 

I’m back this week- orders are coming (our kites must FINALLY be coming this week in time for a sunny weekend) and orders are being written- I’m pretty excited for some new lines and fresh things. 

Hope we see you soon!