‘I think everyone should believe in something. I believe I should go to the beach’– now I don’t know who said this originally or if it maybe came from one of those inspirational magnets, but it is pretty much the story of my life. We maybe spend too much time at the beach(sorrynotsorry). Nighttime hot dogs at the beach hut, afternoons down at Judge’s Row, and morning walks on the sea wall are all on my must-do list on a weekly basis.

Wanna know a secret? I love taking my kids to the beach. After school, before school- sometimes the beach is the reason we are late for school. It’s my favourite lazy parenting tip- no iPads, no tv, no whining about boredom. All that salty air means that my kids will sleep like teenagers (all night long as opposed to like babies- up every hour)

So the question is, what do we bring to the beach that fills all those hours? (other than a chair for mommy, obvs)

We have a big old bag of buckets and shovels from Gowi and Androni- the plastic on these are not a joke. We have some that have been passed down from cousins that are more than a decade old.

A couple of shovels, a bucket or two, and a boat as big as a large man’s foot that has a hole that you should definitely  could tie a string to, so you can pull it through the tide pools are some of our mainstays. These may cost a couple of dollars more than the ones that have the cheap handles, but they will last your children their entire childhood.

Ok so buckets and shovels are a pretty good no brainer, right? How about dolls, trucks, bubbles and aerobies?

These little dolls by Corolle are under $25 and float so you can take them swimming, and  if when they start to smell you can toss them in the wash and clean them up. We have  also have 12 inch bath dolls that are totally beach worthy. For the construction vehicle aficionado? How about some little six inch trucks that are dishwasherable? Dump trucks and shovel trucks and tractors are an awful lot of fun. Bubbles are ALWAYS fun- big or small and these aerobies are pretty cool too. Got a wee one who is working on throwing and catching? These aerobies are easy to throw AND soft to catch. We actually sell most of these for the big kids to throw around (you know, like uncle mike or uncle steve- they will have a blast, I swear)

We have a ton of easy flier kites in right now- and it is almost always windy enough at the beach for a kite. And finally- look we can’t all be as perfectly beach-ready as Wonder Woman here, but a couple of Schliech figures– whether it’s a horse, a dinosaur, a fairy or a super hero can make all the difference in terms of sand castle decorations (just don’t forget to pack them up)

What are your favourite beach toys?