So, last year for Christmas, little P asked for the moon. Adorable right? ‘A little moon that I can put up in the sky and take down whenever I want.’ Now she didn’t seem to upset when she got Magformers instead, and she hasn’t really mentioned it since but it was still in the back of my mind every time I looked through a catalogue after Christmas, and I checked the gift shops at the Museums and Science World and every single toy store that I’ve been past since. No luck. So you can imagine my unholy glee when I opened my order sheet and saw something called a moon torch.13417688_10209877387593674_6328633170916994705_nHow cool is this? I was SO excited to tell my lil one that mommy had found a little moon for her. 13502119_10209877313391819_6566407031395635609_n

Not bad for $7 hey? We have completely and utterly restocked basically the entire store this week. We’ve got hundreds of science kits and crafts from 4m. Early explorers science things from Geosafari- that microscope is pretty awesome (and super sturdy) and the periscope is hilarious!

We’ve gotten in marble runs and gears from Quercetti, we’ve restocked our Magformers selection, and Wow Toys too. We found the coolest little sand line from Belguim called Quut, and restocked all our favs from Gowi and Androni too

We’ve updated our ThinkFun and Smart Games section, restocked Orchard Toys, Trefl and Clementoni. We’ve gotten the new Treehouse Playmobil in, and we’ve finally gotten some catalogues for 201613510900_10209877311311767_7129638008394340463_n

So if you haven’t been in the store in a while  this week, we’ve got TONS of new stuff to keep you busy for the next few months!

See you soon!