Show of hands: who’s been enjoying the sunshine this week? Man it seemed like summer was never coming here to Vancouver Island. No matter though, we’ve been sucking up every ounce of summer heat that we can (mostly because we haven’t put up the air conditioners yet) We’ve been beaching pretty hard this week- the kids are totally stoked on their sandcastle building mould from Quut and the Triplet 4 in 1 tool has been awesome for road building. The girls are LOVING their rash guards from Tea Collection (did I mention summer Tea Collection is 25% off? There may be additional discounts in our storefront)

The sun has been A LOT of fun, but I gotta tell you, a lazy afternoon in is pretty fun too. We’ve had the sewing kits out, the colouring books, the playmobil, and the most fun of all, we’ve been SUPER in to the Magformers this summer. My oldest is about to turn 7 and is all about the ‘tricks’ right now. What’s a trick you might ask? According to her, it’s what happens when you pull your Magformers from 2d to 3d. Does that make any sense? This video might explain it better than I can:

I cannot tell you enough how much fun we’ve gotten out of Magformers these past two years. We initially bought a starter set for our three year old’s birthday, then this Christmas we added this lighted set, and I am pretty much waiting on the edge of my seat for the girls to see the house building and or princess castle sets. We are offering 10% off all of our Magformers for the rest of July at the using promo code MAGFORMERS and then of course they are on sale in our sunny Qualicum location as well. Princess Castles not your thing? There is a super awesome Desert Adventure Set that has caterpillar wheels (whhhhhaaat??), a Dinosaur Building Set, not to mention all the awesome car/truck building sets and all the bulk pieces. Annnnd over on Facebook we are GIVING away a Basic Set… so you might just want to check that out.