I had to wipe our website this morning. We just got a huge shipment of Tea Collection and it was refusing to upload more than half of the new stock we just got in. It is currently uploading product 1661 of 10934. I have no idea if deleting and re-uploading the entire store will work or not, but hope springs eternal. Theoretically, by the time you are reading this you can shop online at www.qualicumtoyshop.com

Can I just stop here and tell you how much I love the colours in this shipment? Magenta, Celeste Blue, Tidepool, China Red. Jewel tones look so wonderful on practically every complexion, and we all know our kids are so cute it hurts right?

I really love the fresh new year September brings with back to school. It’s the perfect time to reorganize your life, clean out the closets, tackle organizing the toys, not to mention stocking your freezer with tons of yummy foods that will last you through the darkest months. Do you follow us over on Pinterest? I’ve got a freezer meal board that just might provide you with some inspiration. I seriously spent 3 solid days in the kitchen in September, but have like 50+ meals tucked in the freezer, from Mac and Cheese, to lasagne and stuffed shells, over 200 pirogies, 24 homemade spring rolls (you want to make your own spring rolls, trust me) a selection of different soups, samosa pies, I mean seriously sorry for the brag, but I can pretty much just not bother cooking until 2017.  Which is lucky, since I literally got ready for work with my computer this morning14581455_1368455989838946_1434297469445048007_n

We are getting ready for Christmas and new stock is arriving daily- better come check it out!