I’m that mom. You know, that mom that is late for school 4/5 times. That mom who writes down the wrong time for swimming lessons and shows up an hour late. That mom who doesn’t consult the calendar and writes the wrong date on the birthday party reservations. I am really great at other things, swear, it’s just the whole date/time/size thing that I really struggle with.

Anyways this past August was one of the craziest months I have ever had. Every single day I had off had one (or sometimes two) appointments- dentist, doctors, optometrist- you name it, I visited it- and I was extremely freaked out that for sure I was going to just forget about one of them (I didn’t btw). Scrolling though pinterest I came across Bullet Journalling which I was very excited about because 1. I found a shiny gold notebook and 2. I really like writing things down. Oh and 3. I thought that I would really love doodling the pages out with the pretty markers and all that stuff but it turns out that I don’t really actually have the time to layout my bullet journal every Sunday, and I have a lot of jobs on the go that get bumped due to shipments showing up or orders that need to be placed (ahem, like blogging).

But you know what? You don’t have to bullet journal in to a blank notebook. You can buy one (and they are all on sale too since we are in January. I bought this one from Rifle Paper Co because 1. It matches some fabric I have, and 2. they also make blank notebooks and I apparently like things to match. And also 3. it has a calendar layout and also weekly layouts AND also a little folder at the back where you can stick things that you need like receipts.

This one is big enough that I can slip the notebook in the back. The notebook has random lists of things, like last weeks groceries and how many pairs of socks my children need in a 2 week period. The first thing I did with the monthly calendar was to write every single pro-d day for the rest of the school year so I won’t have any nasty surprises. It’s got a little note section along the side where you can add things like which bills you have to pay that month, days off your employees request, things that need to be scheduled- you know that sort of thing.

The weekly layout is where I meal plan, keep on track with payments that are due, orders that need to be placed, appointments (of which I mercifully have NONE). It’s also a great place to keep track of the things that I need to do on the back end of the store, like creating graphics for the website and writing this post (which I have been pushing off for about 6 months now, so yay me.)

So as I work through my week I add new tasks, and sticky note grocery lists (this prevents running out of milk and fruit) things that don’t get done, get added to the next day and sometimes you actually complete them (like I am doing now with this post if I actually publish it).

As you can see from my to do list, I am big time ordering this week. I’ve done Playmobil (and we received the first shipment of 2017 stock, yay) Ravensburger, Brio, Calico Critters, Imaginetics, Viking Toys, Thinkfun, Querchetti, Androni, Orchard Toys- there are all sorts of awesome things on their way to us! We’ve got the start of spring 17 coming from Tea Collection and all of our 2016 styles are marked down.

Lots on the go this January- better come check it out!